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My Own Poetry (English)

I want you to know that all of these
poems are mine and copywrited.
So, do not take any of them, unless
you have my permission.
Thank you.

I Won the Poem Contest, thanks to you all.

When the day is over and you have
said goodbye,
I feel so deperate and lonely
that I have to cry.
When I drive home all alone
I asked myself, what was wrong?
Longing for your hands to touch
why do I Love you so much?
Your eyes are making me so weak
Tears are dripping on my cheek.
My love for you is so real,
can't you see?
I wish for another day, just you and me.

When I look throuhout my window
I can see your pretty face.
Give me memories of a special place.
No one knows since it is not
leaving a trace.
Passion fills my heart
Sadness tears me apart.
I am missing you, my love
for you is so honestly and true.

Loving you
You are the one I wanna touch
You are the one I love so much.
You are the one I want to be
You are the one I need to see.
You are the one I desire
Only you can set my heart on fire.

From you I really need the touch
You are the one I need so much.
You filled my heart with passion
and desire
You have set my soul on fire.
Wonderful memories of you
are filling my mind
To good to be true and one of
a kind.
I need you so deperately and true
Memories will always brings me
back to you.

This is a beautiful story
It came to me in all its glory.
I always embrace the stars at night
And trying to follow their bright sparkling light.
The storm I would reach, but going to fast
It took me by surprise, I remember from my past.
A rainbow I always have in my heart
brings me luck, when a new day start.
The pot of gold is waiting for me there
And when I found it I will share.

The sun is gonna shine anymore
Dark clouds takes her place.
Want my life back just as before
I cannot let it happen anymore.
Where are those happy days?
It puts a shadow all over my face.
Fear is getting into me
There is nothing positive as far
as I could see.

Dolphins you are guiding me
but no one who should see.
Give me spirit so I can go my way
Never leave me , please stay.
Looking at their smiling face
is really make my days.
Dolphins I need you by my side
To have you makes my life so bright.


I am looking at a
special star in the sky
It sparkles so far
and miles so high
Shining his light over me
Showing me something I have to see.
Follow my path, where to go?
The star was my guide, now I know.
Stars are always shining
for me and you
And may all your dreams come true.


Sometimes I cannot find the word
to say how much i care
Sometimes  I have to walk the board
to see if life is fair
Sometimes I need to find a way
to know if I can stay.
Sometimes you are all alone
and everyone is gone
Written by DF.

So nice to hear the sound of the waves
rolling down from the caves
over my feet, playing with my toes
That is how it always goes
When I walk along the beach
Stretch out my hands, to reach.
Now the wind came up  and took me by
the hand
To walk further, looking for land.
No one here, I am all alone
Wind and waves whispers, go home.
Copywrited by Desertflower.

There is only you in my life
The only thing I think is right.
Every breath I take, every step
I make
It is only you.
To share my love with you
Is the only thing I wish to do.
You eyes shows me your love,
yes, it is only you.


Walking along the beach
watching the horizon
impossible to reach.
The sound of the waves
the tune seems all the same
but as I listen well, they
whispering your name.
My thoughts are going miles
away, hungry for the man I love
and want to stay.
Tears are falling down on my shirt
missing you, why does it hurt

This is my award which I
won with my poem Miles Away.
I am very proud for this.
This poem is also at the book
"Measures of the Heart"on page 98.


My thoughts are running down in
my head.
Could not sleep, went out of my bed.
Wanted to know what is wrong with
my life.
Take my car for a long, long drive.
Put on the radio, they are playing
our song, oh my God, where do I
Standing still at a parking-place
looking outside the window and see
your face.
Between the stars, shining so bright
show me the way, be my guidinglight.
I have a heart full of compassion
for you, you brought me joy and
happiness too.
Believe me, our wishes will come true.


Two hearts that beats as one
our lives have just begon
I will hold you close in my arms
I cannot resist your charmes.

A flower I like to be
a flower who blossoms for you.
A brooklet I like to be,
a brooklet in which you can
mirror yourself.
A bird I like to be,
a bird who sits on your shoulder
A star I like to be,
a star who shines only for you.


Two heads close to eachother
Four eyes which can't let go
One heart made out of two
Two hands interlaced
and countless kisses I will
never forget.

I always listen to the wind
restlessy blowing through the
dark night.
I can hear the angel's whispers
helping me to see, when I lost sight.

I always listen to a song that moves me
and set my soul free
makes me forget my pain and anger
to show me the beautiful I have to see.

I have ever give to someone
when I did not have it to spare
and felt so worthy inside,
that I did not care.

So listen closely to the angel's
what they have to say
they bring you all the good in life
as they guide you on your way.

I thought my life was over
but it has just begin
Hapiness was far away
and it does'nt make any sin.
Suddenly there was a voice
telling me I had a choice
It wants me to show moore
and even if I lost myself
I choose that path and walked
through an new open door.

As sweet and gentle as the fawn
with beauty radiant as the sun at dawn
The prettiest of paintings can not compare
to the loveliness that is yours alone to share.

You are much sweeter than the sweetest waters
from the deepest fountains.
Much purer than the purest air from above the
highest mountains.
So much clearer than the clearest streams and
lovelier than the loveliest of dreams that, it
seems you are an angel with a perpetual hugging

This beautiful poem was
specially written for me
by a very dear friend of
mine, Mike, thank you:))

Updated,March 9, 2008